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An important town of Northeast India, Jorhat has over the years grown into a thriving cosmopolitan city with a strong sense of character and identity. As ‘the last capital of the Ahom kingdom’, the city has archeological value linked to Rajamaidam, the last burial mounds of the Ahom kings.

As the nerve center of the tea industry of India, Jorhat is dotted with tea gardens sprawling in and around the city. During the 1870s, due to the dull and lonely life at the plantation sites the planters constructed The Gymkhana Club and racecourse. Another remnant of history is the equestrian event held in here for almost 140 years. ‘Jorhat Races’ have witnessed the vicissitudes of time, from the British Raj to freedom of the country. Jorhat also boasts of the oldest and the largest tea research station of its kind in the world, Tocklai Research Association (TRA).

Nickname: The Cultural Capital of Assam

Assamese, English

Rice is a staple food and the Assamese cuisine is deliciously mild and balanced, using a unique banana-alkaline extract called khar.

Jorhat has a heterogeneous population, specially in the business community – comprising of Punjabis, Biharis, Marwaries and Bengalis.

Raja Maidam, Jorhat Gymkhana Club, Chandrakanta Handique Bhavan, Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary, Millenium Park, Jorhat Science Centre & Planetarium

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