Inspired by the many who have traveled the rugged roads and climbed the high mountains of the Land of the Indus, Aryavarta, Bharatvarsha, Hindustan, our India… We are on this quest to bring home to as many Indians as possible, the idea of our identity as Indians, the idea of our diversity as people, the idea of our history as a civilization, the idea of our politics as a federal republic, the idea of our economy as a market, the idea of our culture as the way of life, the idea of our churning present, the idea of our possible future, the idea of our sovereignty, our socialism, our secularism, our democracy, our republic, our liberty, our equality, our justice, our fraternity…

The Idea of who we were, who we are and who we can be as ONE NATION.. The Idea of India.

To see the route map of our journey, please click here.

To view the stories, images and videos from our ongoing journey, watch the Rearview Mirror.

  1. An idea with lot of depth & passion to discover. Nice video, hope I can travel with Ejji, we’ve been talking way to long, guess 2014 – 15 is the year…..

  2. Kuntal Desai

    All the best for the quest for the Discovery of India!

  3. Rahul Choudhury

    incredible India in an incredible way. all the best for rest of the journey and thanks for sharing.

  4. Simran Sood

    Thanks Ejji… By sharing such a wonderful trip & its experiece with all of us.
    One day i will also join one road trip of our Swades with all of you.
    Keep it up & enjoy the beautiful journey with wondeful people around you!!!

  5. Congratulations Bhairavi for Your Higfhway to Swades Car Trip. If you had completed 18000Kms then Its a World Record. Because as Per Guinness Book of Records there is current record of 15,793 km. You can check it at

    You should have contacted Guinness Authorities prior to the start of journey. Anyways you can contact Limca Book & register your record.

    I am also planning to do All India Bike or Electric Bike or Car Tour for Consumer Awareness from 15th August 2014 to 26th January 2015. And I am looking for the sponsors for the tour.

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    3) The Print Media & Electronic Media will cover the ALL INDIA TOUR as this will be the First All India Tour of such kind. Obviously while covering the News they will highlight the Sponsors Name.

    4) This will be a World Record as the Current World Record for Longest Journey in Single Country by Bike is 33,357Kms. By Bike Car it is 15,793 km. & By Electric Bike it is just 12,379 Kms. As this will be a Guinness Book of World Record, We will get more publicity through Electronic & Print Media. More Publicity means more Promotion of the Sponsor Brand

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  6. nita doshi

    keep it up . since long back I also have such travel idea like going by unexplored places interiors of india and get to know locals. photograph them . so good will love to meet and talk to you.our share your experiences.
    all the best

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