Day 35: Amritsar to Bikaner

0 Posted by - April 19, 2014 - Culture, Economy, Rearview Mirror

Today we drove out from the rich green fields of Punjab, into the dry, but also rich, lands of Rajasthan. The common element was the interesting conversations we had with locals throughout the day.

The trip included exotic water tanks, a discussion with a Punjabi farmer on how he came from the other side of the border; a chat with nomadic camel herders on what they need; and we also met a  group of cattle herdsmen in a semi-permanent settlement.

We learnt from people how livelihood as a driving force creates migration, and how migrant communities are one of the most vulnerable communities in India.

Origin: Amritsar
Destination: Bikaner
Distance Covered: 516 kms

States Covered: Punjab; Rajasthan

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