City of a thousand victories.

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The foundations of this city were laid by the Kalyani Chalukyas sometime between the 10th – 11th centuries. Ruled by a number of different dynasties at various points in history, the city of Bijapur owes much of its grandeur and splendor to Yusuf Adil Shah, founder of the independent state of Bijapur.

A city full of palaces, tombs, arches, gateways and minarets, walking amongst Bijapur’s ruins is an experience in itself. Its architectural wonders carved from rich basalt and framed by lush greenery are no less than pieces of art and these make the city a treasury of history and culture.

Nickname: City of Victory

Kannada, Hindi

Predominantly Hindu with smatterings of minority communities.

Gol Gumbaz, The Archaeological Museum, Ibrahim Rauza, Malik-E-Maidan, Upli Buruj, Chand Bawdi, Asar Mahal, Gagan Mahal, Barakaman, Saat Kabar, Lord Shiva Statue, Torvi Narasimha Temple, Sat-Manzil, Parshwanath Basadi, Jamai Masjid

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