Day 42: Ellora to Bijapur

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Today, we visited the magnificent Ellora Caves built between the 5th and 10th Century. Right in the middle of these caves, is the carved-out-of-one-stone Kailasa Temple.

We spent half a day here with Amol – a guide who is very knowledgeable about the history of the place. The 12 Buddhist (caves 1–12), 17 Hindu (caves 13–29) and 5 Jain (caves 30–34) caves, built in proximity, demonstrate the religious harmony prevalent during this period of Indian history.

As an archaeological location, we’d say this was our journey’s best – and an inspiration that demonstrated first-hand, how skilled our ancestors were!

Origin: Ellora
Destination: Bijapur
Distance Covered: 435 kms

States Covered: Maharashtra, Karnataka

Ellora Caves, Ellora; Kuldabad; Aurangabad; Beed; Bijapur



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