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Panaji or Panjim has more than just its name to thank the Portuguese for. The easy going lifestyle, baroque style buildings, the unexpected little alcoves, quaint cafes and breathtaking views along the river front are all testimony of the European influence on this capital city.

The city offers a motley of experiences– from its rich history and culture for the quintessential traveler, heritage homes turned into boutique inns and ancient markets to the relaxed visitors and the streets, beaches and the luxurious beach resorts for the more contemporary tourists. This unique town is as diverse in music and entertainment as in the delightful seafood it offers.

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Konkani, English

One of the best places to find authentic Goan cuisine, Panjim offers a variety of Indian curries and seafood. The most popular dish is Vindaloo or Xacuti curry. Bebinca, the multi-layered Goan cake and ‘feni’, a local beverage made of cashews are a must-try!

Males constitute 52% of the population of Panjim and females 48%, with the literacy rate being 94.6% and 86.9% respectively. Approximately 9.6% of the population is under 7 years of age, according to the 2011 census of India.

The Praça da Igreja (Church Square) with the Portuguese Baroque Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church, the Institute Menezes Braganza, the Mahalaxmi Temple, the Maruti Temple, the Jama Masjid Mosque, the Chapel of St. Sebastian, the Fontainhas & Sao Tome area, Miramar beach and the Kala Academy.

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