The Pathfinders

L > R: Venkat, Mahesh, Bhairavi, Ejji

L > R: Venkat, Mahesh, Bhairavi, Ejji

The joy of always discovering something new in India, is fascinating as it is addictive. The four of us are die-hard addicts of the discovery of India. While each of us has different reasons to do this trip, all of us share the same goals of what we want to take home from our gyaan yatra through the kuchcha and not so kuchcha roads of India.

We will share more of our ideas, thoughts and discoveries as we go along, but until then, here’s a little bit of information about us:

Bhairavi Jani Executive Director SCA Group

Mahesh Sriram Managing Director I-INDIA

Ejji Umamahesh Deputy Secretary, Formula 1 Indian Grand Prix

Venkat Nagarajan Cinematographer,, Graphic Designer