Day 34: Jammu to Amritsar

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Today we travel down south from Jammu in the north-most Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir, to the wheat bowl of India; the land of five rivers; home to the great and brave Sikhs – Punjab!

The images above, will give you a peep into the things we saw and insights into the things we learnt.

Origin: Jammu
Destination: Amritsar
Distance Covered: 204 kms

States Covered: Jammu & Kashmir; Punjab

We visited the glorious Golden Temple in Amritsar; in the town of Amritsar that is a milieu of human beings and vehicles of all types. The very tight security in Amritsar heightens the sense of it being a volatile city security wise.

We visited Jallianwalah Bagh, and then attended the India- Pakistan Wagah Border ceremony, which was unfortunately cut short by a sudden thunderstorm! Unfortunately, these torrential rains in Amritsar also spoiled our chances of an evening out in the old parts of the city to taste its famous cuisine…

But how could we be in Punjab, and not have Paranthas and Makkhan?! Bhairavi did a Punjabi-day with aloo parathas in the morning with a huge scoop of butter. And then we all followed up with road side – ganne ka rus  (sugarcane juice) outside the fields of wheat and grain in middle of nowhere!

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