the beginning of our quest

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“I was again on a great voyage of discovery and the land of India and the people of India lay spread out before me. India with all her infinite charm and variety began to grow upon me more and more and yet the more I Saw of her, the more I realized how very difficult it was for me or anyone else to grasp the idea she had embodied.”
– Jawaharlal Nehru, Discovery of India, 1946

The Idea of India has eluded and aroused people throughout history and till present day. Panditji, was a very recent addition to the series of explorers, travelers and seekers who have for centuries sought to grasp this Idea which embodies our country.

The four of us decided to do this expedition to seek, to inquire, to rediscover, to experience, to share, to re-energize this idea of India. The idea of India as one nation, where a multitude of individual identities find a place for their voice and yet willingly merge into the oneness of the shared nationhood.

Travelling around 18,000 kilometers, over 50 days, to over 100 places big and small across the length and breadth of India, we hope to bring back stories, dreams, ideas, opportunities, challenges that need collaboration, co-creation, innovation, and enterprise, so that the Idea of India becomes a reality for the poorest of the poor, and takes root in the hearts of those who lead the nation.


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