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Uttar Pradesh

Whether it is a conversation with a local taxi driver or a nuanced kathak performance, in Lucknow, tehzeeb (culture) and tameez (grace) find their due place in everyday life. Home to the Nawabs until British occupation, Lucknow has a strong history of being courteous and showing hospitality to visitors.

The characteristic mannerisms of Lucknavi residents combine respectful and poetic language with tongue-in-cheek wit. The era of the Nawabs also bestowed upon Lucknow a love for all things artistic, be it the delicate stiches of chikankari, soulful qawwali and ghazal music or the delightful sight of a kebab melting onto a paratha!

Walking down the broad roads, it’s easy to note how despite unprecedented modernization, Lucknow manages to retain this old-world charm and glory.

Nickname: The Golden City of India, Constantinople of East, Paris of the East, Shiraz-i-Hind

Hindi, colloquial Hindustani

The city is also famous for other varieties of Kebabs like kakori, shami, galawati, etc. Tundey Kebab is an iconic joint for savouring the kebabs. Besides kebabs, biriyani, dal gosth, salans and kulfi are famous Lucknow delicacies. Lucknawi chat is also one of the best in the country.

Total literacy level is 84.72%, which is much higher than the average literacy rate of Uttar Pradesh. A very high percentage of the total population resides in rural areas and barely around 63.3% is urban in nature.

Imambaras (Shia shrines), Bhool Bhulaiya, La Martiniere College, the Residency, the cemetery at the Residency, sunset across the Gomti River.

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