The golden heart of the Thar desert.

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On a ridge of yellow sandstone, crowned by the fort, stands the fascinating world heritage sight of Jaisalmer. From the palace and Jain temples to the havelis and houses, most structures here are a lesson in sculpture and art. The yellow sand and sandstone used in the architecture give an unusual golden tinge to the city. The Jaisalmer fort is a living fort that is inhabited by generations of artisans and merchants till date. Its walls resonate memories of the past grandeur and the rich heritage of this town, surrounded by a desolate landscape that lends itself to the austere beauty.

Despite the adversities of the desert, the people are tolerant, jovial and friendly. Their language, culture and traditions are influenced by the culture of the neighboring Sindh. The folk music of desert is an outstanding result of years of traditions mixed with social customs and reveals the trivialities of the life of desert.

Nickname: Golden city


The cuisine of Jaisalmer consists of various traditional Rajasthani dishes including the succulent murgh-e-subz, ker sangria, kadi pakorao, bhanon aloo etc.

Males constitute 57% of the population and females 43%. Jaisalmer has an average literacy rate of 64%

Sonar Qila, Bada bagh cenotaphs, Sam sand dunes, Jain group of temples, Gadi sagar lake

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