A heritage of heroes.

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Uttar Pradesh

One of the most historically relevant towns in Uttar Pradesh, Shahjahanpur is celebrated for its involvement in the freedom struggle of 1857. A base for open rebellion, notable freedom fighters united here to plan for new strategies to make heroic contributions to Independence struggle.

Shahjahanpur is now home to the Ordnance Clothing Factory, set up by the Ministry of Defense. Carpet and Dhurry weaving is traditional cottage industry and weavers translate traditional designs from Persia, Afghanistan and Turkey adding their own flair to it. Unfortunately due to lack of support from the government and changing fashion trends the weaving industry is on decline. Shahjahanpur is also known for its Sarrafa or Jewelry market.

Nickname: Shaheedon Ki Nagri

Hindi, Urdu

The Kebabs, Biryani and Nihari are rated among the most popular delicacies of this region.

The Hindu population is more than half i.e. 65% whereas Muslims are 32%. Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists are nominal. The literacy rate is relatively low at 69.81%

Hanumat Dham, Kalibadi Temple, Shyam Baba Temple, Alakhnath. Tulasi Math, Patnadevkali Kali temple

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