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The last of the great Mughals, Aurangzeb, was conferred with the posthumous title of Khuld-makan or ‘He whose abode is in eternity’. And it is here in the historical city of Khuldabad that he lies buried. The city also has immense spiritual significance. Several Sufi saints of the Chishti order chose to reside in Khuldabad in the fourteenth century. Today, they are remembered here at the Valley of the Saints, which is said to house the graves of 1500 of them. This includes the famous dargah of Moinuddin Chishti of Khuldabad.

Nickname: Valley of Saints

Marathi, Hindi

Traditional Muslim delicacies like sewaiyaan and khaja that are sold outside the tombs.

Males constitute 52% of the population and females 48%. Khuldabad has an average literacy rate of 64%, which is only slightly higher than the national average.

Aurangzeb’s Tomb, Tombs of Azam Shah and his wife, Zainuddin Shirazi Dargah, Burhan ud din’s Mausoleum, Zar Zari Zar Baksh & Ganj Rawan Ganj Baksh Dargah

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