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Tamil Nadu


An erstwhile capital city and an important centre for art & culture during the rule of the mighty Cholas and then the Maratha dynasty, Thanjavur is known for its temples, history, ancient art forms, paintings and handicrafts.

This historic town, now bustling and crowded with people, provides a unique opportunity to meet and seek the blessings of the temple elephant of the popular Brihadishwara Temple. It also offers the opportunity to walk through the Royal palace and experience the beautiful art and paintings in its courtyards or at the shops of local artisans, few of which exist now.

Nickname: Rice bowl of Tamil Nadu

2.2 lacs appx

The traditional cuisine of Thanjavur revolves around rice as the staple. Main course includes dishes such as rice and lentils, Poriyal (a dry blend of vegetables), Kootu (vegetables in some gravy), Podi (a powder of mixed spices), Pachadi (yoghurt mixed with vegetables and spices etc.), sambhar etc.

Thanjavur boasts of a sex-ratio of 1,042 females for every 1,000 males, a statistic that few Indian cities can claim to have.

South Zone Culture Centre, Thanjavur Royal Palace, Royal Palace Museum, Brihadishwara Temple, Saraswati Mahal Library Museum

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