Day 45: Hampi to Goa

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Leaving Hampi, the erstwhile capital of the biggest Hindu Empire that ever existed, and the state of Karnataka, we traveled onward today, to Goa – the name that brings alive images of beaches, tourists and great hospitality! But if you look beneath the surface, you’ll also discover industry and business – the latter, driven by multitudes of small entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs who not only make Goa the great tourist destination that it is, but also pull their weight in the economy in other areas.

Our drive today also took us out of this beautiful land, further south into Karnataka! We had an unexpected surprise with a stop at a small town called Lakkundi. Our destination was a home stay in Varka Beach, Goa.

Origin: Hampi, Karnataka
Destination: Varka Beach, Goa

Distance Covered: 338 kms

States Covered: Karnataka, Goa

We had the privilege of watching a beautiful sunrise at Hampi as we drove out from here.

Lakkundi is known for the temple architecture and Danachintamani Attimabbe (patronage for Kannada literature and Jainism). Lakkundi was ruled by later Chalukyas, Kalachuris, Seuna and the Hoysalas. Nothing remains of this old city now. Most of the later Chalukya temples are preserved in Lakkundi. Nearly every building had murals painted on the walls for a festival that had taken place recently.

Old Goa with its churches, beaches, Portuguese influenced cuisine.


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