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The tiny village of Lakkundi lies between the famous tourist towns of Hubli and Hampi. The tiny hamlet is strewn with the remains of numerous ancient temples. With over 50 temples, 100+ stepped wells and numerous ancient inscriptions, this small village overflows with an abundance of historical significance. These monuments allow one to gain a clear insight into the historical evolution of temple architecture in the southern kingdoms. Lakkundi is also known for its long-standing patronage of Kannada literature and its contribution to the evolution of modern-day Jainism. Lakkundi is a rare architectural gem that is missed by most tourists due to a lack of knowledge about its myriad treasures.

Nickname: LokkiGundi

Kannada, English, Hindi

Pre-dominantly Kannadiga style, vegetarian food(in accordance with Jain tradition).

Majority of population either Hindu or Jain.

Nanneshwara Temple, Bramha Jinalaya, Kashivishvanatha Temple, 101 canopied step-wells, ruins of a number of Chalukya period temples.

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