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In coastal Karnataka is the lovely port city of Mangalore, flanked by the Arabian sea, the Nethravati and Gurupura rivers, and tall coconut trees. The landscape is fast changing with the old Mangalore-tiled houses being replaced by high-rises, malls and luxury apartments, while the government buildings struggle to retain their old world charm.

The Portuguese fostered Christianity in the Canara coast of Karnataka. The splendid, almost 500-year-old churches here speak of this Portugese connection. While Mangalore was known for its famous cabaret shows in the 1970s and 80s, many classical dance forms have also developed in the city. The theatrical Yakshagana, is a night-long performance held here. Equally enchanting is the Hulivesha, a folk dance unique to the city.

Nickname: The Gateway of Karnataka

Tulu, Kannada, English

Mangaladevi Temple, Shree Kalikamba Vinayaka Temple, Shree Shanaishchara Temple, Carstreet Venkataramana Temple, Kudroli Gokarnanatha, Jamia Masjid Kudroli, Kadri Manjunatheswara, Urwa Marigudi

Mangalore’s literacy rate is 94.03%, significantly higher than the national average. While Hinduism is the largest religion in Mangalore, Christians form a sizeable section of Mangalorean society. Konkani-speaking Catholics, popularly known as Mangalorean Catholics, account for the largest Christian community.

Largely influenced by the South Indian cuisine, Mangalorean cuisine uses Coconut, curry leaves, ginger, garlic and chili. Mangalorean Fish Curry is a signature dish.

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