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With a glorious 600-year-old legacy, Mysore is known for its royal heritage, bustling markets and stunning monuments. From ancient times, this royal city has been significant to the history of South India as the imperial capital of the Mysore Kingdom of the Wodeyar kings.

The friendly populace makes the culture here very inclusive and cosmopolitan. As a thriving center for premium silk, sandalwood, Ayurveda, yoga and incense, it has a lot to offer to the world. Life in this flamboyant city has a quality of everlasting luster to it, much like the Mysore silk is well known for.

Nickname: City of Palaces, Garden city, City of Yoga or Ivory City.

Kannada, Hindi

The well-known Mysore Masala Dosa

With a balanced gender ratio of 1000 females to every 1000 males, the literacy rate of the city is 86.84%

The Amba Vilas Palace, The Jaganmohana Palace, the Jayalakshmi Vilas, the Lalitha Mahal, Chamundeshwari Temple, St. Philomena’s Church, Wesley’s Cathedral

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