A strange medley of cultures.

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Crossing over from the characteristic mustard fields of Punjab, are the paddy fields near the river belt is Sriganganagar. Brick industries and well-built homes are features of this erstwhile Bikaner state, which is named after its Maharaja Shri Ganga Singh Punjabi and Bagri culture dominate the city and the lifestyle here is mixed of both these cultures. As a result of this fusion, the city is famous as ‘The Punjab of Rajasthan’. The city also boasts of being home to the Laila-Majnu Ki Mazar, the sanctified tomb of the timeless lovers!

Nickname: The food basket of Rajasthan, Green district of Rajasthan

Hindi, Punjabi or Bagri.

Both Rajasthani and Punjabi variety of food are enjoyed here.

Ganganagar has a poor sex ratio of 873 females for every 1000 males, and has an average literacy rate of 70.25%. Majority of the population is Hindu and Sikh.

Kalibangan, historical Gurudwara Buddha Johad

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